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Things to consider when house hunting


House hunting is fun and exciting but can also become very time consuming if you can’t find the right property to fit your financial situation along with your personal preference.

For most people, there is a big difference in what we want and what we can afford. It is really important when buying any property you know what you can afford to then work out what it is you want for your money. There is no point getting your heart set on your dream home when you have no idea whether or not you can afford it or not!

Speak with your mortgage adviser who will be able to tell you exactly how much you could borrow and then you can begin considering the finer details when it comes to house hunting.

It’s very easy to get caught up in house hunting and forget to consider the smaller details that actually make the biggest difference.

Here are just some of the things you might want to consider when viewing multiple houses or if you think you might have found the one:

Are the room sizes big enough? Will your current furniture fit?

It’s easy to fall in love with a house especially if the process has been a long one – but realistically does each room fit your requirements? For example, will your bed fit in your soon to be bedroom? Will your sofa fit in the new living room? Double check before you have to replace all of your furniture!

Which way is the house facing?

This one might seem a bit silly, but it can make a huge difference. A properties orientation is important when it comes to a variety of things such as how much sunlight the house will get, the energy efficiency of the house, how cold or hot the house will get during different seasons. And most importantly, how long you can sunbathe for in your garden before the sun moves!

Is the garden big enough?

If you have green fingers and perhaps spend a lot of time in your garden, or want to begin too – will this space be adequate? Consider if you have children or pets – do they have enough space?  Make sure your garden furniture fits too!

Is there enough privacy?

In some houses it can feel like you are being overlooked by the neighbours – if you don’t mind that, that’s great! But if you are someone who likes their privacy it might be one to consider.

Is the lighting adequate?

A top tip is to view the house at different times of the day – this way you can get a real insight into what it looks like when the lighting might be different.

It might be a good idea to consider if you feel there is enough light, or perhaps if not, can you put more in?

Does it accommodate the number of vehicles you have?

You might have already considered this, however does your property have a drive way that meets your needs. In addition, consider if you have any plans to buy any more vehicles perhaps for your children, work purposes or maybe a motorbike for personal use.

What are you long term goals when buying a house?

It might be a good idea to have a think about your 5-10 year plan and see whether this house fits in with that plan.

For example, how long are you planning on staying in this house? If you are planning on extending your family, do you have the right space? Is it your forever home?

What are you looking for in the area?

Realistically what do you need to have access too regularly? For example, do you need a train station, a local shop or a perhaps a town centre, do you want it to be a quiet area or do you like the city life?

It’s good to have an idea of what you need and what you would like – that way you can decide whether or not it is practically viable.

Does the house allow for your work life?

Consider your work life situation – are you someone who has to work or study from home? Perhaps you are a gamer or someone who runs a small business and require a spare bedroom or similar.

Is this property going to allow you to carry on as normal?

Is the building structurally sound?

This is vital when it comes to buying a house. After you sign on the dotted line, the house and all of its issues become yours. Obviously there are a large amount of things invisible but it might be worth asking the current home owners some basic questions before paying for a survey.

Home improvement plans in mind?

If you have always dreamt of renovating a house or making your house a home, does this building fit your vision?

It is worth considering what you eventually want the house to look like and envisioning you’re belonging in the house to really see if it’s the one for you.


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